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About Encore! Performing Arts Studio

Encore!  Performing Arts Studio was established in 2017.  At Encore, we strive to encourage every student, provide whatever tools we can to help students be successful, and also be able to recognize that every student is valuable, regardless of how long they have been dancing. The best way to encourage students is to lift each other up -no matter what, pray for each other(both as a group and individually), and work together.   We strive to maintain a positive environment and to keep dancing fun!

What do we offer?

We currently offer Tap & Jazz combo classes, tumbling, hip-hop, theatre,  preschool dance classes, lyrical, modern, tap, Junior & Senior dance company classes, and Zumba/fitness classes

Christmas and Spring production and recital

We are pleased to announce that our theatre class will be performing the Christmas classic “Miracle on 34th Street.”  All dance classes will be dancing in this production as this will be a studio wide production!

Our Spring Recital will be Disney themed. All dances and music will be associated with Disney in some way. 

Our Christmas production will be held during December and our Spring Disney recital will be held in May. Dates and times will be announced at a later date. Our productions and recital sessions are typically held at Swain Arts Center in Swain County

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Meet our Staff

Nathan & Holly Guyer: Owner/Director

Holly’s  greatest passions and talents have always revolved around singing,  playing musical instruments, marching band and dancing, there is no  doubt that Holly’s greatest passion given to her by God has always been  dance.  Holly began her formal dance training at the age of 5  years  old and has training in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, clogging, and hip  hop.  However her greatest dance passion is tap dancing. Holly was a  member of the multi-award winning In Motion Dancers Dance team at Stage  Door Dance Studio under the direction of Jeanna Carswell as well as a  member of the Dance Escape Dance team under the direction of Charae’  Stephens.  She also competed in many dance competitions as a tap  soloist.  While in highschool she choreographed the annual musical “The  Music Man” as well as choreographed multiple dance routines for her show  choir/chorus class.  Holly was also asked on multiple occasions to sing  “The National Anthem” while she was a student at Smoky Mountain  Highschool.

Holly  has been teaching tap and jazz since she was a teenager.  In 2002, she  began teaching dance at Tap-N-Toes school of dance owned by Loyd and  Maria Lyons.  When  Encore Dance Ministries opened its doors in 2010,  Holly began teaching a dance/movement class at Encore geared toward  children with disabilities.  Beginning in 2011, Holly started  transitioning into the position of Office Director for Encore Dance Ministries. In the fall of 2017, Encore!  Performing Arts Studio opened its doors.  Holly  feels very blessed to have the blessing of  building positive  relationships with all of the parents and students at Encore.  

On  September 12th, 2012 Holly married her husband Nathan.  A couple of  years later on November 11th, 2014, God blessed Holly and Nathan with a  sweet baby boy named Josiah.  Nathan is a major source of support for both Holly as well as Encore and does quite a bit to support the studio behind the scenes.    Josiah has become the Encore mascot  and LOVES to be around all of the students, parents, and staff at  Encore.  Nathan and Josiah are God’s greatest blessings to Holly.    When Holly has free time,  she enjoys family time, reading, going to yard sales, going to  Dollywood/Splash Country with family, and spending time with friends.   Holly looks forward to seeing what God has in store for Encore for many  years to come.

Crystal Akers: Ballet/En Pointe


Crystal  Akers is a homeschooling mother of 4, joyfully married to Chris Akers  and planted in Jackson County since she came to Western Carolina  University to pursue Nursing in 1993.  Crystal was classically trained  in ballet for over 15 years at Smalling School of Fine  Arts,  participating in Royal Academy of Dance examinations for many of  those years. 

She  has experience dancing with the Senior Company of her arts school as  well as competition experience.  When she started walking with the Lord  as a teenager, she had the opportunity to use dance in worship and has  focused on this in recent years.  While she has been involved in an  array of activities through her life, Crystal enjoys encouraging others  to pursue excellence in their giftings, use their talent to bless  others, and most of all bring  Glory to God in all things. She looks  forward to working with you at Encore Dance. 

Christopher Horstman: Hip-hop


Christopher  Horstman has been dancing for abount 10 years now. He  was in beginner hiphop, tap, and jazz classes for 2 years before being  advanced to the Senior Dance Company at Encore Dance Ministries. There he found  hiphop was his true calling and began taking part in only hiphop classes  that continued to go to competitions.

They  won 1st place and high gold ratings in all performances. He continued  in hiphop classes, student teaching and helping with choreography. He  pursued ,on his own ,dance theory and hiphop culture as well as  breakdancing footwork, flow, power moves, and freeze basics and being  steeped in dance theory and hiphop culture as well as continuing encores  classes and summer dance camps.2 years ago he became faculty and began  teaching and choreographing his own classes.In summer 2015 he attended a  professional hiphop class in Charlotte.

Over  all, he has been in dance for 7 years and been in over 20 performances  including recitals, parades, competitions, events, and has participated in a music video where his break dancing skills were featured. His philosophy  is that the stage is an empty canvas and every move is a drop of paint  one uses to create a masterpiece of expression and emotions, and that  choreography and technique alone isn't enough to be a great dancer but  when you put what you feel and your heart into it the crowd can feel it  too and will never forget what you have to show and say to them through  dance.

Madison Iurato: Royals Senior Dance Company, Tumbling, & Modern

 Hi, my name is Madison Iurato and I'm the newest dance teacher at  Encore! I started dancing when I was 3 years old and danced  competitively at Pats School of Dance on their performing arts team.  I've been trained in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, and  contemporary. Once I graduated, I decided to attend Western Carolina  University where I was on the dance team for the year of 2016-2017. I've  loved dance since I could walk and I'm very excited to teach it to your  children!

Bethany Brooks: Private Lessons Instructor


Miss Bethany Brooks has been dancing since the age of  two and started her competition career at the age of five. Bethany  enrolled at Tonya's Acacdemy of Dance in 1999 and graduated with sixteen  years of dance in 2015. While at Tonya's Academy, Bethany trained in  jazz, lyrical, ballet, pointe, hip hop, clogging, tap, and modern.  Throughout the years Bethany competed in many productions, small groups,  large groups, solos, and duets. 

Bethany's  studio traveled to many competitions in North Carolina and South  Carolina where her teams won many awards in all categories of dance.  Bethany knew after her first time on a competitive stage that she wanted  to someday be a dance teacher and share her passion with everyone she  knew. 

Sussy Davis: Zumba & Fitness Instructor

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